Moving Your Business Online

July 30, 2020

Moving services and financial data online makes sense in today’s business environment. It is relatively easy to do; it is often making the decision to do so that’s the hard part. Our minds are very good at putting roadblocks in front of us and giving us what seem like quite valid reasons to stay where we are. Let’s take a look at some of those roadblocks and put them to the test..

Is it safe?

Reputable software companies are great at keeping your data safe, and they guard it fiercely. They often provide tools to help you keep it safe too. Forced password changes, 2 Factor Authentication, security questions and tokens for logging in are some of the methods used.

It's too expensive and I don’t own it

In most cases it’s no more expensive than software that in the past was purchased from a store. What’s different is the way you pay for it. In the past you would have owned your software outright and used it for ever and a day. What you didn't get was automatic backups of data, continuous upgrades, or accessible support. These days software is often purchased by way of a periodic subscription. Most will come with free, online SUPPORT and tutorials. For a monthly fee, your data will be BACKED UP every time you press save, and there will be numerous UPGRADES every year. You will always own your data, and companies like Xero are IRD approved to keep your data for 7 years. So even if you decide to leave, they still must keep your information.

It ain't broke so don't fix it

While your desktop software may still function, you might end up in a situation where you’re forced into change, causing you unnecessary stress. Some reasons why you might need to change are...

  • Your software will become out of date and the software supplier will stop doing upgrades. Eventually your software may even become obsolete.
  • It will no longer work on later model computers
  • Your software could malfunction, and you could lose all your data
  • You’re no longer up to date with the way your customers and suppliers do business, and you risk losing those relationships
  • Younger employees may dismiss the idea of working for you if your systems are too old
  • When it comes time to sell your business you may not be able to command its true value if your systems are out of date

  • I don't want to learn how to use something new

    Learning a new skill is stressful, especially when you're running a business at the same time. But if you PLAN ahead and give yourself plenty of TIME it doesn’t need to be stressful. And if you take on a specialist, they will get everything setup properly and teach you how to use your software. That way you're supported right the way through.

    Will it work properly?

    If you take the time to think about, and investigate the different solutions in the market, then you can have confidence that your new software will do exactly what you need it to do.

    How do I find a solution?

    Change, when it's thrust on you, can put you in a position of having to make decisions in a hurry. Decisions that may have been different with the luxury of time. The harsh reality is that you may find yourself in a situation where your current software isn't able to handle the new climate. Because you need to deal with the situation at hand, you could end up with something that's not quite right, isn't setup properly and that you don't have the time to learn.

    Businesses who have invested in dependable technology solutions can have confidence that their software will be able to function as normal, no matter what external factors are going on. Only businesses with proven and robust online systems can say:
    “I’m up to speed with technology, and I don’t need to worry about where I work from, or how I access my information”

    I’ve put together an e-book designed to give you the tools to get up and running online.

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